Retro Sunglasses at Bygone Prices

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Ever since people got the great idea that glasses could be designed to shade eyes for more comfortable time in the sun, sunglasses have acted as crucial accessories for the ultra stylish and those with their eyes on fads, fashion, and trends.

Keeping Your Eyes Safe in Style

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Sunglasses are handy tools that ensure UV protection for the eyes while making life more comfortable in the outdoors -- in style.
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Don't Leave Home Without Your Sunglasses

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Before you leave home on the next sunny day, be sure you think twice about leaving without a pair of sunglasses. Take pride in the fact that you are not only expressing your desire to take care of yourself, you're also expressing the most important thing about you....your individuality.

Cleaning Sunglasses the Right Way

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There are so many ways a person can clean sunglasses; some ways are better than others. There are some common ways that are rather repulsive, and others that are safer for the glasses.

Sunglasses Trends for 2015

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Like fashion, sunglasses have trends. Just as the sixties styles are back for everything from mod furniture to funky fashion, so are the sunglasses.
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